What We Do.  We provide workforce training solutions that make a difference, including (but not limited to):

     Project management scope 

     Basic instructional design consultancy

     Educational workshops and development

     Employee resilience and stress management seminars and workshops

     Public relations consultancy

     Human resources consultancy

     Time management and goal management seminars and workshops

     Basic HTML training (notepad++ access required)

     Adult Basic Education and life skills education at the worksite (requires a minimum of 6 participants for 4       


Our Vision. To connect small businesses and organizations with best practices to drive key performance indicators (KPIs) which increase employee retention, productivity, talent, and work resilience!


Our Why. An obsession with training and development, workforce resilience, and building positive company images along with a strong desire to make a difference.


What sets us apart. We provide training, consultancy, and educative seminars to enhance productivity and workforce resilience and boost your company image.  And we do it on time and on budget. Every time.