ABOUT ELL, M.Ed., DAIS, Dip. C.N., Master Cert. Business Consultancy, Master Cert. Public Relations Consultancy, Cert. Human Resource Consultancy, Cert. Workforce and AIS Stress Management

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Ell has a Master’s degree in adult education with an emphasis in behavioral psychology.  She has a Bachelor's degree in social studies with an emphasis in economics She is master certified in business consultancy and public relations consultancy. Ell is also certified in human resource consultancy and workforce stress management.  

Ell is a member of of the International Assoc. of Professional Human Resources Consultants, the International Assoc. of Professional Business Consultants, and the International Assoc. of Public Relations Consultants. She is a diplomate member of The American Institute of Stress and a contributor

to their National Podcast, Finding Contentment. 

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Ell opened her first business in 2013 in Savannah, Ga. In January of 2020 she opened her next business in the Golden Isles, serving Coastal Georgia and North Florida. She is thrilled to offer workforce solutions and training & development opportunities to small businesses, non-profits and other organizations.

Ell enjoys riding bike,  kayaking, reading, vegetable gardening, baking, and is a coffee and tea aficionado. She studied in Germany, Belgium, and Austria. As an animal lover she is the proud mom of three cute and sassy special needs pets. She's also a wife and a mother to an amazing son!

Ell's work includes:

  • Composed a 200-page commissioned research report on how to attract workforce talent to a region.

  • Devised standard operating procedures for a mid-sized city department.

  • Researched key data for a published economic indicators’ forum for a state agency.

  • Researched and redrafted the entire legal letters library for an insurance company. 

  • Co-authored a 10o+-page regional indicator’s report presented to regional stakeholders.

  • Researched and facilitated educative workshops, seminars, and training for dozens of small- to mid-sized organizations to increase productivity and workforce resilience.

  • Composed several task force policy statements for municipalities and private organizations based on key economic and social indicators and focus groups.

  • Created marketing material for various businesses, two state-wide agencies, and and public policy institute

  • Served as a marketing liaison for a political campaign

  • Guest spoke on the American Institute of Stress's National Podcast, Finding Contentment



Workforce Training Solutions

Brunswick, Georgia

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